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Modern Websites
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Modern Websites
for modern businesses
Modern Websites
for modern businesses
Modern Websites
for modern businesses
My Website Design Prices
How I work...
I prefer to charge everything on a monthly basis to make having a website as easy as possible. I do not want you to commit to a minimum term (except Database Applications) and believe that providing you with the service you expect will keep you with me.

Please use the prices as a guide only as I would like to discuss your requirements in greater depth but it will certainly give you a good idea of the cost of your website.

What is a Static Website?
A static website is one which doesn't use a database. If your site doesn't require a client login or an admin system to change the information such as uploading PDF documents, images and regularly changing information then it will be a static website.

... and a Dynamic Website?
The opposite? Not quite! A large proportion of a website is static. It isn't usual to have an entire website driven by a database. If any part needs a database it will make it a Dynamic Website.

A good example is this website. It is mostly static but the Client Login area is database driven as it holds all client invoices which can be viewed by logging into the account.

To put it simply, if there is a need for a login using a username & password, then it falls into this category.

Price Guide...

Static Websites

Prices are + VAT

1 - 8 pages
9 - 12 pages
13 - 20 pages
20+ pages
£30 per month
£40 per month
£60 per month
£100 per month

Dynamic Websites

Prices start from £100 per month but please call to discuss.
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